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Yes, frolyk membership is free. All that you need are a valid email address and phone number.

Click on the sign-up button on the home page and fill in basic membership information. An email will be sent to the email address provided for confirmation. Please check your SPAM box if this message does show up in your email Inbox.

We are live in North Carolina, USA and will expand to other US states and countries as we grow.

There is a ‘Forgot Password’ button on the login page. Click on it and follow instructions to reset your password.

Login to the site, go to your Dashboard and then select ‘My Account’. You will notice ‘Security’ on the right side of the table showing up. Click on it and enter old & new password. 

Login to the site, go to your Dashboard and then select ‘My Account’. You will notice ‘Security’ on the right side of the table showing up. Click on it and you will see a ‘delete my account’ link at the bottom of the page.

Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen and you will see Dashboard appear in the dropdown menu.  Select Dashboard.

We take your security very seriously.  Verifying your email address ensures that your account belongs to you and that nobody else is using your email address.

Yes, to participate in frolyk experiences you have to be a member. We want to create a safe and trusted environment for both guests and hosts. And, hosts and guests need to be able to identify each other at the beginning of an experience. This means that you need to complete your member profile before participating in or hosting experiences.

We want frolyk to be a safe and trusted environment for all members.  Knowing that members are who they say they are is part of this.  In addition, hosts and guests need to be able to recognize each other to find each other at experiences.

In addition to signing up as frolyk members, hosts provide government issued ID to become verified. Guests can rest assured that the host profile matches a real person. Trust and credibility will, without doubt, also come from guest reviews.

The host profile will provide information on host qualification and reviews of other members are a good indicator.

Leaving a review is not a requirement, but reviews are important to improving our frolyk community, help hosts to create better experiences, and help members to navigate all the experiences on the site.

Click on the Explore button and browse the various experiences. Clicking on the picture of an experience takes you to the detailed experience page where will see a ‘Book for $’ button. Click on this button and follow instructions.

Frolyk’s home page shows categories of experiences. Pick the one(s) you like most and search the current listings.

Some hosts automatically accept all booking requests and you will get notified immediately. All bookings will receive responses within 24 hours of the booking.

As soon as your booking is confirmed, you will receive full booking details, including the Experience address.

Please wait for your booking confirmation and dashboard entry at least 24h after sending your booking request.

We accept VISA and Mastercard.

Please allow 24 hours after submitting your booking requestor your booking confirmation.

If you booked your experience, go to your Dashboard and select your Guest Page.  Under the Experience Thumbnail, you can select “Cancel Booking”.

If your booking was completed by somebody else (Organizer) only this Organizer can cancel the booking.   Please contact the Organizer directly to cancel your booking.

You may cancel a booking within 24 hours of submission for a full refund. After that time, if you cancel your booking, you will receive a refund if the experience fills, allowing the host to fill your spot. Please check the cancellation & refund policy on frolyk’s site for more detailed information.

Please contact frolyk directly for further discussion at 866 481 6166 or hello@frolyk.com.

Frolyk is a diverse community and our experiences are equally diverse. The broader the spectrum the more interesting for all of us. We welcome any experience as long as it meets our quality standards and does not violate frolyk’s policies.

Pull up your dashboard and scroll to the bottom of your profile page to find your Upcoming Host Experiences.

You are the best person to provide information that makes your experience authentic, unique and interesting. Describe your experience to friends and get inspiration and feedback from them.  You can also look at what other hosts wrote, and you can see some examples of experience descriptions on the Experience Description page as you create your experience.

You will hear from frolyk within 48 hours of submitting your draft experience.

Once you have signed in as member, which takes five minutes or less, click on ‘Host an experience’ on the top menu of the web site. We will guide you  through the experience listing process with a series of easy-to-answer questions.

Yes.  If a host cancels an experience, you will receive a full refund.

The experience listing defines what it is included.

Your frolyk profile is a space for you to share a bit about yourself and your interests.  Only members are able to see your profile. Write whatever you would be comfortable sharing in a public place.

Your user ID is the email address you used when signing up.

You need to upload a government issued ID to get verified. PLEASE black out or cover document information such as passport or driver license numbers!

As a verified member, click on ‘Create an Experience’ and we will guide you through process. You can save your draft experience at any time and complete the process at your convenience. Once you are happy with your experience listing, submit the draft for review & approval by frolyk.

Once approved, all that is left to do is to enter dates & times for your experience.

Yes, you can be an Organizer and book experiences for other members. Please make sure that you have the members’ names, email addresses and phone numbers when booking.  Your guests will need to verify their email addresses so that hosts can communicate with your party if necessary.

Yes.  People under 18 years old may not have frolyk memberships.  When booking a child, check the tick box next to “Is this person a Minor” on the ‘Who is coming’ page.

Login to frolyk and go to your Dashboard. Your bookings will be shown on your Guest Page.

Please contact frolyk immediately, file a complaint and provide your booking information (ideally Booking ID). Extraordinary circumstances may have prevented the host from welcoming you.  We will follow up with the host, but whatever the reasons may have been for this no-show, you will be fully refunded or, if you choose, we will do our best to find you an alternate experience.

Please raise this issue with the host at the time of the experience. This may clarify misunderstandings and you may be allows to resolve the issue right away. Also, make sure to get some documentation, pictures or other evidence.  Please file any complaints at https://www.frolyk.com/contact-us by selecting Complaints in the dropdown menu and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Please file complaints at https://www.frolyk.com/contact-us and select Complaint from the dropdown menu.  We will contact you as soon as possible to follow up.

Go to your Dashboard and select the REVIEWS option on the menu on the left side.  You will see three tabs. Leave your reviews in the tab on the right, Reviews to Write.

We collect only the information needed by you to use the site. We don’t use this information for personalized marketing nor do we sell this information to third parties for marketing purposes. Please check our Privacy Policy for more information.

Please contact frolyk immediately and alert us to this situation. Ideally, please provide supporting information such as member name(s), type of content and/ or a screenshot.  You can email us at support@frolyk.com.

We encourage members to resolve disputes in an amicable way before any escalation. If this does not seem to be possible, please provide relevant information and we will help you resolve the situation.

All hosts are 1099 independent contractors and do not have employment status with frolyk. Please refer to the details of the User Agreement.

You are an independent contractor and solely responsible for your tax obligations. If and where legally obligated we will withhold applicable taxes from payments to hosts. We will provide a Form 1099 for your tax return.

You will get a notification as soon as frolyk approves your experience listing. Please note that you need to schedule your experience (enter dates) for the listing to show up on frolyk’s home page!

Think about what you would be willing to pay for a similar experience.  Think about the value of your time and skills, and make sure to consider experience-related expenses. Frolyk cannot offer specific pricing advice.

You will need a banner picture as well as pictures or videos for a slideshow on your experience page. Pick images that best convey what kind of experience you are offering and keep in mind that the right pictures will attract people to your Experience. We will check experience pictures for blurry, fuzzy or pixelated pictures to help you avoid obvious shortcomings.

There may extraordinary circumstances preventing guests from showing up. Please make sure to contact missing guests at the contact information provided to address potential misunderstandings (e.g. wrong location). No-show guests without extenuating circumstances are not entitled to a refund.

Guest will provide payment information during checkout. We will contact hosts to confirm their preferred payment information (check or direct bank deposit). Please note that frolyk does not store your payment information.

frolyk does not charge hosts for posting experiences.  We want to give you the freedom to create as many cool experiences as you want.  We take a commission on tickets books - we only make money when you make money.