Classes & Worskhops adventure hosted by Karen
  • Duration: 4 Hours total
  • Language: Offered in English
About Karen

The first time I saw muscle testing in a demonstration of Touch for Health,  I was completely blown away!  It seemed magical that a person's body could communicate clearly what it needed without a person's conscious awareness.  How is that even possible?  That was 25 years ago. With a background in science documentary making, I was very keen to investigate its validity.  And so began a fascinating exploration and journey into the healing of mind, body and spirit. It changed the way that I see myself in the world.  And it changed my life.  For the next ten years, I trained and specialized as a clinical kinesiologist in London, using muscle testing as a biofeedback tool to discern what the body needed for healing.  Additionally, I trained as a holistic aromatherapist, craniosacral therapist, nutritionist, Reiki Master, Touch for Health Instructor and more recently as a Duke trained-health coach. 

I love to teach Touch for health and kinesiology in small workshops where everybody gets a chance to practice hands-on, be curious and ask questions, get personalized attention and have fun!  

Experience Details

Hi, I'm Karen  - Come  and join me in my home for what I call my Doctor Doolittle Class!  No previous knowledge or training is required.  Simply bring yourself, an open mind and have fun learning how to "talk" to your animal with muscle testing.  Bring a notebook and pen.  This class is for pet owners, please leave your furfriends at home!

I will teach each unit, demonstrate it, and then there will be practice session where you will pair up with another person, followed by an opportunity for questions and  feedback.  We will be using hands, arms and fingers for muscle testing.  There will be a short break and refreshments will be provided. This is a relaxed and informal workshop.  Wear warm socks as I ask you to leave shoes at the door.  I have a calico cat, Luna, who may attend if she is not too busy.  Maximum Number  of students for this class is 9. You will receive an electronic PDF of the class manual and a certificate .(See below)

You will learn to:

Muscle test, Surrogate test  and Self test

Identify the foods, supplements, and environmental products like litter, that best support your pet's health, and those that have a negative effect on their wellbeing (e.g., sensitivities and digestive issues.)

Apply a hands-on technique that will reduce stress, increase emotional stability and calm your animal, reducing destructive and aggressive behaviors.

Identify areas of pain and use a technique to release and relax sore, and tight muscles.

Identify flower essences and homeopathic remedies to increase your pet's energy, reduce anxiety, destructive behavior and, hyperactivity.

*Certificate issued by International Kinesiology College for Touch for Health

What is provided
  • Informational Materials: Electronic PDF Healthy Pets Manual
  • Informational Materials: Certificate of Completion
  • Food & Drink: Water and snacks
What guest should bring
  • Notebook and Pen Warm socks/Layer if you feel cool Bring water

Experience Location

Your first kinesiology experience will take place in my light filled, comfortable home. There is parking on the driveway and street.

Group Size

There are 9 spots available on this experience.

You don’t have to fill all of them. Experiences are meant to be social, so others may join too.

Guest Requirements


16 years and older .

Other Requirements

Arms, hands, and fingers functional Ability to manage short flight of stairs to front door. Not for people with cat/dog sensitivities

Flexible cancellation policy

Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.

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$65 per ticket

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$65 per ticket

See Dates

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