Food & Drink adventure hosted by Jolene
  • Duration: 1 Hour total
  • Language: Offered in English
About Jolene

My passion is to teach small groups of people one or two key wine concepts and relating these wine concepts to everyday things we already know in a fun and relaxed setting.   

I've been an agricultural scientist for 20 years. I was a typical casual wine consumer until about seven years ago. Through travels to wine-growing regions, I found that it was difficult to piece together a foundation of wine knowledge. There is a lot of wine information out there for serious enthusiasts, collectors and wine professionals, but not a lot for the really curious consumer. So I took it upon myself to gain this knowledge through more travel and formally through the Wine and Spirit Educational Trust (WSET) and French Wine Scholar programs. 

Experience Details

Hello!  I'm your instructor Jolene

Love wine at home but intimidated by the wine list when dining out?   Do you always defalt to a brand or grape variety to get the process over with quickly?   Or do you hand the list right back and order that pricy cocktail because the wine menu looks overwhelming?  

Well here's a secret, everyone who looks confident ordering from a wine list started at the beginning!   Don't let those numbers, acronyms and impossible to pronounce chateaux deter you from a great wine experience.  

I'm here to share with you tried-and-true tips for using skills and words you already know to easily communicate and collaborate with the sommelier or server.  I'll teach you tricks for quickly narrowing down the choices from the simplest to most encyclopedic wine list to increase the likelihood of getting a great wine.  Also when it might be best to just go ahead and order that beer or cocktail.

In addition to learning about wine lists, I'll give you some advice on different scenarios and how to approach them (e.g. dining solo, with a friend or partner, business colleauges, with the potential in-laws or that hard-to-land client.) 

Expect an interactive and casual  hour while learning how to navigate a wine list!  I don't sell wine, so you will never be "sold to" at the conclusion of the event.

What is provided
  • Water:
  • Food & Drink: One glass wine
  • Informational Materials: Handouts and Pencils
What guest should bring
  • All supplies included.

Experience Location

We'll be in the breakfast nook of the Hyatt Place Chapel Hill. Dress is casual! 1090 US Highway 15 501 South, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Group Size

There are 24 spots available on this experience.

You don’t have to fill all of them. Experiences are meant to be social, so others may join too.

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21 years and older .

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$30 per ticket

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$30 per ticket

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