Health & Wellness adventure hosted by Liane
  • Duration: 1 Hour total
  • Language: Offered in English
About Liane

I am a local permaculture designer and homesteader who has been training in esoteric arts for many years. I am a Ritual Master and Certified Healer in the lineage of King Salomon, which is a hermetic mystery school similar to the Golden Dawn.

I'd love to offer the Max Meditation System™, which is a simple and effective way to meditate. Informal sessions guide you through the system, to ensure a relaxing and mindful experience.

For the beginner, the techniques are so effective that it will amaze you with how easy it is to meditate. For the more experienced meditation practitioner, this system can enhance your existing practice!

This system was developed as a complementary blend of ancient methods learned from prominent teachers in India and Tibet and is designed to truly teach you how to get the most out of your meditation practice.

Join us for a fusion of ancient techniques of yoga and mind acrobatics, mixed with modern techniques of psychology and NLP to make this an effective system to reduce stress, pain, enhance your energy, vitality, well being and so much more.

Experience Details

Max Meditation™ is a carefully crafted meditation process that is easy and effective. It benefits the mind and body and results in peace and connection to self. There are 5 stages in the process:

1)   Body and Mind Relaxation Technique
2)   Passive Meditation and Thought Release Exercise
3)   Active Meditation using a Koto Dama
4)   Guided Meditation created by Max Meditation™ leader
5)   Returning to Body and Rejuvenation

The whole process takes about an hour.

Some of the Many Benefits of Meditation:
• Reduction of Stress, Tension & Pain (both physical and emotional) 
• Clarity, Spontaneity & Creativity 
• Peace of Mind & Well Being 
• Enhanced Energy, Strength & Vitality 
• Self Discovery 
• Sense of Purpose 
• Connection to Inner Guidance 
• Alternative to Medication for ADHD and Other Conditions 
• Focus & Concentration 
• Builds Self Confidence 
• Increased Serotonin (aids in relief of depression, headaches & insomnia)


Please arrive on time. We won't let anyone come in to disturb us after 6:35 pm

Experience Location

The offices of Counter Tools, in Carrboro. A comfortable centrally located office belonging to a public health-oriented non-profit has offered their space to me for this meditation. There are ample windows and comfortable chairs. There is ample free parking in the evenings. 205 Lloyd St, Carrboro. Suite 211 Just come up the stairs.

Group Size

There are 7 spots available on this experience.

You don’t have to fill all of them. Experiences are meant to be social, so others may join too.

Guest Requirements


16 years and older .

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Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.

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$10 per ticket

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$10 per ticket

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$10 per ticket

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