Private Events / Teambuilding adventure hosted by Jolene
  • Duration: 2 Hours total
  • Language: Offered in English
About Jolene

I've been an agricultural scientist for 20 years. I was a typical casual wine consumer until about seven years ago. Through travels to wine-growing regions, I found that it was difficult to piece together a foundation of wine knowledge. There is a lot of wine information out there for serious enthusiasts, collectors and wine professionals, but not a lot for the really curious consumer. So I took it upon myself to gain this knowledge through more travel and formally through the Wine and Spirit Educational Trust (WSET) and French Wine Scholar programs. My passion is to teach small groups of people through specially designed flights of wine about one or two key wine concepts and relating these wine concepts to everyday things we already know in a fun and relaxed setting.

Experience Details

So you've probably been to several different types of wine tastings, where you taste wine with specific foods or wines made by a specific winemaker. My tastings are different... Instead of pairing wine with food, I will pair four wines with your hobby or passion. For example, if you passion is women's interest, you will taste four different wines from influential women winemakers and/or winery owners. If your interest is climate science, you'll taste four wines from four different climates. I'll make connections between the wines and your passion and you'll also learn one or two concepts about wine from the perspective of an agricultural scientist and wine enthusiast. Expect a fun and interactive two hours while tasting through the wines. I don't sell wine, so you will never be "sold to" at the conclusion of the event.

What is provided
  • Informational Materials: Tasting Grid
  • Water:
  • Food & Drink: Your wines at the correct serving temperature
  • Food & Drink: Crackers
  • Informational Materials: Pencils, maps, etc.
  • Food & Drink: Crystal Wine Glasses
What guest should bring
  • Make sure there is seating for all your guests and about 30 inches (wide) by 20 inches (deep) of table space for each guest.
  • Host can supplement the crackers with appetizers or small plates.

This event is a Special/Occasion party. Meaning due to North Carolina law, I cannot sell tickets to an event. The cost for the event is $350 plus cost of wine. The number of attendees can range from two to eight. The cost of wine can be 4 bottles x $20 = $80 or 4 bottles x $50 = $200. You keep any remaining wine and bottles. North Carolina law requires that one person from your party purchase the wine from a bottle shop or other retail outlet with a license to sell wine. I partner with a locally owned bottle shop to procure the wines. I will select the wines and you can purchase them over the phone directly from the bottle shop over the phone with a credit card. There is no extra charge for this and I do not benefit financially from this transaction. I pick up the wines and receipt for you and I get the wines to the correct serving temperature. Since I do not sell wine, rest assured that you will not be asked at all to buy something at the conclusion of the evening.

Experience Location

If you are located within 15 miles of Southpoint mall, I can bring the experience to your home dining room table or deck (weather permitting).

Group Size

There are 1 spots available on this experience.

You don’t have to fill all of them. Experiences are meant to be social, so others may join too.

Guest Requirements


21 years and older .

Other Requirements

One transaction through Frolyk for the class and one transaction with a Durham bottle shop for the wine.

Flexible cancellation policy

Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.

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$350 per ticket

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$350 per ticket

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$350 per ticket

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