About frolyk

How often have you sat on the sofa, searching online for something fun and different to do?  The same old things keep popping up on internet searches and you soon reach the point of clicking to watch streaming video.   As we thought about how people find things to do and how many people we know doing cool things in their free time, we realized that it would be great to bring together people who are looking for cool, authentic, different things to do with people who have the skills and passion to create these experiences.  And, thus frolyk was born.

As we met people who were interested in hosting experiences, we were even more amazed by the depth and breadth of experience in the community.  It has been inspiring to see how many people have incredible talents and how much they want to share and bring their joys to the community.

Come join our budding community!  We are embarking on a journey to change the way people find things to do and to enable people to share their gifts with a larger community.  It is our hope that you will take experiences that deepen your knowledge of things you already love, expand your horizons with experiences that are completely new to you, and possibly meet some likeminded, interesting people along the way.  And, on the flipside, it is our hope that you may be inspired to follow your passions, create and host experiences, and share the things you love with others who love it, too.